About credit repair resources

Hello! Welcome to Credit Repair Resources!

My name is Christine.

Let me get one thing clear. I AM NO CREDIT EXPERT!!!!

Though I'm sure by the time I build this website to the intended size I have envisioned that statement will no longer be true.

I might not be an expert but I am a looong time credit user. For many years my credit was exceptional, mostly because I was a light credit user. Life changes, so do opportunities and I have to say that I was not well enough educated for the opportunities that arose.

Let me tell you how this came about.

This website had been long in the coming. In the year 2007 I was irritated.

Irritated by the credit card companies. More and more they were seemingly going beyond business as usual to great and unfair lengths to fatten their profits.

At the same time taking advantage of their customers in order to do so.

Using the system in place along with their customers lack of knowledge (and a lack of regulation in place) to trap those customers into a situation that would keep the credit card company's profits coming for years to come.

As we all know now, that way of doing business is motivated by greed and has backfired to some extent.

During that time what those companies were doing led me to be very angry. When I get angry I get motivated!!

I wanted to create a website that would teach those who don't understand the system in place or have knowledge of the laws that protect them.

Credit Repair Resources was born!!

Shortly after I started this website my own financial situation caused me to stall....

I thought WHO am I to advise people of their finances?

I lost sight of "MY MISSION". I am no expert of finances, but I AM an avid researcher who will dig up as much information I can find to put in one place to help others to make informed decisions about managing their finances, keep ahead of the credit game and dig out of debt.

Though I am no expert in my own eyes, I am well experienced in the game of credit. Experience is a great teacher!  I have a long and varied credit use history and unfortunately know what doesn't work. (Been there).

If there is a mission statement here it's to keep you from making the mistakes I have made!!  And

Helping you to keep more of your money in your pocket!!

The truth of the matter, I wish everyone could just stop using their credit cards and the learn to live without them and this could be the" learn to live without credit website."

That would certainly put some banks in there rightful place!!

I'm not sure that is entirely good for our economy though. Learning to use your cards and credit wisely is the better option as you gain benefits without being some company's cash cow.

So take some time and look around. I'm hoping you learn a few things, are reminded of some you already know and maybe get a laugh here and there.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any suggestions, comments or corrections please fill out the form below.

I'd love to hear from you!!

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